Salient Features

The customer can manage their MyPrepaidCenter account offered by MetaBank on the official website of MyPrepaidCenter at The website is managed and administered by BlackHawk Network Hldings, Inc. (USA). Blackhawk Network makes it possible for the interaction of brands and people through innovative retailers, incentives and engagement solutions.

The customer is recommended to read Metabank’s privacy policy at The MyPrepaidCenter card is available together with Visa / Master Card / American Express / Discover. This card enables you to make purchases in the store where the MyPrepaidCenter Cards are accepted.

  • MyPrepaidCenter allows the customers to know the available credit any time and from anywhere. You can also make any purchase from any of the stores where these MyPrepaidCenter cards are accepted.
  • You can know the type of card you received. This determines if your card will be accepted in which stores of the United States.
  • Note down the MyPrepaidCenter card number and the cardholder’s toll-free number printed on the reverse side of the card.
  • Kindly, keep it in a safe place and note down the card details somewhere. You will need this MyPrepaidCenter information in case your MyPrepaidCenter card is lost or stolen.
  • For purchases, it is recommended to choose credit instead of direct debit whenever you have a choice.

After receiving the MetaBank card, the cardholder must activate the MyPrepaidCenter Card.  After activating your card, at the official MyPrepaidCenter portal, you can manage all activities on your card, for instance, checking transaction history, checking balance, etc.

The signup process at is extremely easy. MyPrepaidCenter Card has been receiving an overwhelming response since the very first day of its launch. Thus, if you are the legal resident of the United States, you should activate MyPrepaidCenter Card and access all the benefits offered by the MyPrepaidCenter portal.